Keynote by Nvidia

Tom Westendorp

Business development manager autonomous driving at Nvidia

Accelerating the race to AI cars

09:15 – 10:00

For many years car makers, tier-1s, mobility providers, universities and other organizations have been working on developing driver assistance systems and self-driving cars. Conventional computer vision used for ADAS is reaching its threshold because it’s impossible to write code for every possible scenario as a vehicle navigates. In order to develop a truly autonomous car, deep learning and artificial intelligence are required. With deep learning, the vehicle can be trained to have super-human levels of perception, driving safer than anyone on the road. An end-to-end artificial intelligence platform based on supercomputers in the cloud and in the vehicle enables cars to get smarter and smarter. Coupled with an extensive software development kit with vision and AI libraries and software modules, automakers, tier-1s and startups can build scalable systems from ADAS to full autonomy.

As a business development manager autonomous driving at Nvidia, Tom Westendorp is responsible for identifying and setting up strategic alliances and partnerships to Nvidia Automotive in Europe. By enabling partners to work on Nvidia Drive PX 2, an open AI car computing platform, they can accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. Prior to joining Nvidia he’s held several positions at Tomtom. This included being responsible for business development in the UK and South Africa as well as bringing together Tomtom’s automotive strategy on autonomous driving across the product divisions Maps, Software and Services. He holds an MSc in business administration from the University of Groningen.